Over the last few months I have been empresses with the work of Halifax Partnership. The love for the city exudes everything they touch. Today I had the opportunity to enter their Connector Program and meet their team. I look forward to many opportunities to work with Halifax Partnership.

The overarching goal is to help people connect, collaborate and prosper. As a returning resident the program will help me grow my network with individuals to assist me in learning more about the city and province, identify employment and volunteer opportunities and in general, grow my network.

Down the road when I am settled, I will then become a mentor to the connector program. I specifically requested to support new immigrants to Canada (Nova Scotia) having worked in the field of international development most of my 30 year career. Through that work I gained incredible insight on cross cultural communications and in ways to help people tell their own stories which would be so beneficial in helping them find appropriate employment to maximize their training, education, experience and passion.

Halifax Partnership Connector Program

The world has lost a true influencer, mentor and above all statesman. If I was tasked to write his grave stone, I would put “He faced monsters with open arms.”
The world suffered so many atrocities during his senior leadership, one of his greatest achievements in my mind has been overshadowed: he rallied the world around an organized assault against HIV/AIDS. Those close to the epidemic know his efforts and pressures on politicians in the west saved the lives of millions of girls and boys.