Should be noted that organizations in also promoted its use… From 1995 until I left my contracts with World University Services Canada it was the drug of choice. When I started traveling frequently in 1999 it continued as the most recommended drug in the Ottawa medical community. Are charities responsible for what the medical industry itself promoted?

Veterans plan to sue over military use of

Veterans plan to sue over military use of mefloquine

Over the last few months I have been empresses with the work of Halifax Partnership. The love for the city exudes everything they touch. Today I had the opportunity to enter their Connector Program and meet their team. I look forward to many opportunities to work with Halifax Partnership.

The overarching goal is to help people connect, collaborate and prosper. As a returning resident the program will help me grow my network with individuals to assist me in learning more about the city and province, identify employment and volunteer opportunities and in general, grow my network.

Down the road when I am settled, I will then become a mentor to the connector program. I specifically requested to support new immigrants to Canada (Nova Scotia) having worked in the field of international development most of my 30 year career. Through that work I gained incredible insight on cross cultural communications and in ways to help people tell their own stories which would be so beneficial in helping them find appropriate employment to maximize their training, education, experience and passion.

Halifax Partnership Connector Program

Only 2 Days left to lay the ground work for my pending move back to Halifax after 25 years in the US, Africa and Ottawa. Loving all the energy and positivity in Halifax. But I do feel this photo represents this whirlwind of a trip: meetings, meetings and more meetings. So looking forward to this next journey.

In total I met with 30+ individuals to help understand the market space for a community development specialist, leader and communicator with a passion and critical knowledge and skills for stakeholder and partnership relations. I heard and learned so much to spike my optimism about the future and the role I can play both as an employee and volunteer in reducing poverty, building communities and in general increasing the appeal and sustainability of Nova Scotia, my home.