The modern library offers infrastructure, expertise, services and the inclusive environment to meet people where they are comfortable, supported and safe.  Key characteristics include

  • Neutral ground: Occupants of third places have little to no obligation to be there.
  • Leveler: Third places put no importance on an individual’s status in a society.
  • Conversation: Playful and happy conversation is the main focus.
  • Accessibility and accommodation: Third places must be open and readily accessible to those who occupy them.
  • The regulars: Third places harbour a number of regulars that help give the space its tone and help set the mood and characteristics of the area. Like Tim Hortons, but better.
  • A low profile: Third places are characteristically wholesome
  • The mood is playful: The tone of conversation in third places are never marked with tension or hostility
  • A home away from home

The library also provides a technological basis for linking people to services in the province and community that meet their daily and long-term needs; whether in private on a Wi-Fi device or a kiosk wired to the network. With investment and alignment with other government departments, community sector organizations and private enterprises the library can become a catalyst for strengthening our province by supporting our number one resource, our people.

At Civilized Solutions (@civilizedSC) we are exploring ways to maximize libraries in Nova Scotia; to continue to build on the incredible leadership librarians and libraries have provided over the years.

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For 30 years nonprofits, foundations, governments, universities and corporations approach to change has dominated my life.  Why? I have worked primarily in the nonprofit sector, a sector that has traditionally changed with (perhaps after) all the other sectors to ensure a steady flow of resources and support.

As we all know, this is not the way to develop a business plan, project or movement. A better world is one that the nonprofits build a solid case and others come to our door to support it, not change it.  So after witnessing the sector, all the sectors actually for so lone the decision was made to set up a company that at its foundation envisions a world of partnerships for change.

How do we get there? Communications, a pound of humility and considering how our solutions impact the greater community. In short, develop #civilized solutions. How, by offering services to the community based on shared visions and solutions that do the most good while limiting harm.

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