There are many things in life that connect people from all walks; one of those is
running. Runners understand each other’s sacrifices for the goal. In the board room or the coffee shop line-up runners connect not about fitness or marathons, but out of respect for being able to plan and execute, gain others support and frankly achieve results.

This past weekend it was wonderful to be among and share with so many runners at
the Maritime Race Weekend that will walk into places of work today and by their personal achievement motivate others to be all they can be in work and play.

As always, my hat goes off to all the incredible volunteers that make our community the best to live. These children and youth, adults and seniors greeted all of us with a cup of water, towel or sponge, gel or skittles, but most importantly a smile!!!

This spring when I was in Halifax for a short visit there was an energy I had never felt in all my years, an energy that contributed to my decision to move home. My research and my own interests kept finding depth to the energy; optimism, passion, enjoyment, leadership, love, you know, culture. Behind that is data as well. Great reading this short piece by Peter Moreira of Entrevestor.

“The report shows the four main metrics — new companies, employment, funding and revenue — all had a banner year in 2017. And there is one key finding of the report: Atlantic Canada has developed a core of substantial high-growth corporations founded on innovation.”


Data Shows Growing Core of Startups

Thrilled to join the Volunteer Board of Easter Seals!!!! From a young age I learned to give back to the community and others in anyway, to be fortunate for all I had, from the example set by my parents.

My father’s challenges with accessibility due to MS and my work with organizations that were on the front line of increasing access and reducing stigma helped influence my decision to enter a province wide competition by Easter Seals NS for new Board Members.

After a long recruitment, assessment ands election process I was honoured to receive confirmation this morning that I was chosen to join Easter Seals’ Board of Directors and support their work across NS.

Years ago while working for CODE I had the privilege of attending  training under Tim Plumtree, one of Canada`s leading experts. While I learned so much from that training and the attachment of Tim to CODE for over a year, the one thing I learned and apply to all my work on non-profit Boards: treat resources like they are the retirement savings of your grandmother. Financial prudence with publicly trusted and limited resources is critical.

Learn more about their work:

Easter Seals Nova Scotia


Many forms of volunteering are available in the community for people of all ages and skill sets. One of the highlights for me while working as a volunteer is meeting people from across the community. Today I was so fortunate to hear many stories of survival and recovery. Their stories will keep me focussed on how I can continue to offer assistance, support and leadership to causes in Nova Scotia.

Another aspect of support I learned through volunteering with the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope was the role of “supporter’ in patient recovery. These are individuals who walk the journey hand in hand with those with the disease.

A wonderful aspect I experienced today was meeting people with common interests. A gentleman I met is working on a section of a new textbook about Russian history, an area of the world that I too have a strong passion. As a Dalhousie undergrad I was fortunate to study under very esteemed academics of Russian History and gain a greater appreciation of the role played by people of all classes in the development of that country. Yes we did get some work done.

If that all wasn’t enough, I learned how absolutely scary this form of cancer is for women. Cancer sucks.

It has been wonderful to return to Halifax at such an exciting time, the strength of the private sector, the launch of the Ocean Super Cluster, the restructuring of government to be more business responsive, and the launch of DevelopNS

As a student and leader in community development for 25 years I know people must come first. I hope all Nova Scotians welcome & embrace @DevelopNS by sharing their experiences & knowledge to strengthen & create inviting sustainable communities they want to live in and share with others. Knowledge is power, use it effectively and be part of future directions that matter.

As noted in the attached article:

“Connected communities promote innovation and drive a strong, diverse economy,” said Mr. MacLellan. “The team at Develop Nova Scotia has the expertise to lead important, inspiring projects, and I expect they will help many communities across Nova Scotia become even more attractive places to live, visit and do business.”

Enjoy the announcement and embrace the future:

Develop Nova Scotia Gets Provincewide Mandate


Attending the United Way Halifax Local Love Halifax on the waterfront one could not be remiss to notice all the red shirts, like the red army. This army was comprised of VOLUNTEERS committed to making our city a better place for all. As JFK said “Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” My hat is off to everyone that made the event wonderful to attend; not just the brave (nuts) that swam across the Halifax Harbour.

Just as important as the red shirts were all the athletes that gathered to swim the harbour in Halifax and around the province. These individuals represented so many parts of our communities; reminded us that together, and only together can organizations like the United Way achieve their mission to End Poverty Together.

For more information on the great work of United Way Halifax visit them at:

United Way Halifax



Over the last few months I have been empresses with the work of Halifax Partnership. The love for the city exudes everything they touch. Today I had the opportunity to enter their Connector Program and meet their team. I look forward to many opportunities to work with Halifax Partnership.

The overarching goal is to help people connect, collaborate and prosper. As a returning resident the program will help me grow my network with individuals to assist me in learning more about the city and province, identify employment and volunteer opportunities and in general, grow my network.

Down the road when I am settled, I will then become a mentor to the connector program. I specifically requested to support new immigrants to Canada (Nova Scotia) having worked in the field of international development most of my 30 year career. Through that work I gained incredible insight on cross cultural communications and in ways to help people tell their own stories which would be so beneficial in helping them find appropriate employment to maximize their training, education, experience and passion.

Halifax Partnership Connector Program