Social enterprise as economic Buddhism

Egger notes “I think social enterprise is “economic Buddhism”, the middle path between profit and charity, where you get both goods and services while also generating social returns that would mitigate future demand for charity.” What we have seen of late is the growth of corporate driven social enterprises to appease special interests (Shell) shareholders (Nike) or because of the personal views of a CEO (MAC).

Social enterprises based on a clearly defined business model, purpose and community engagement model is the way to go for many new businesses. What would be best is for the for profits to engage with the most effective nonprofits to develop community engagement models or projects that impact change, not just corporate image.

As for the new players to the field, true social enterprises, good luck. Don’t loose sight of your original purpose. Take a read of the attached article, it contains wonderful advice and insight.


The Power Of Purpose: How The Nonprofit World Needs To Reinvent Itself

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