Don’t send me a picture of that!

The world of human resources is full of many articles on best practices, dos and don’ts. What I enjoy most are articles that truly come from and highlight actual issues in a personal way. As employees or managers we have all encountered challenging situations, learned from great bosses or fallen flat on our face (at least I have).

I came across a post on LinkedIn that reminded me of many situations over my career where trust had to be explained. Natasha Bowman so effortlessly illustrates in her post key issues that help integrate a new team member, in a way that shows they are adults, professionals and responsible for their decisions and actions and contribute to the whole team.

One of the key lessons I have learned is that colleagues need to be trusted, hear it and feel it. Each person is different so it does take effort (but not too much) to focus on their individual strengths and areas of responsibility. Also to know how best they respond to coaching.

As Natasha states:

Leading with fear, hostility and incivility will get you nowhere.

Leading with respect, empathy, and compassion will take you everywhere.

My style is to ensure staff understand how they fit within the team, review their key areas of responsibility and how it contributes to the whole. The use of a focussed performance management system that connects the dots and links to the organization goals is very useful, though timely to set up. Doing it as a team, ensuring ownership is very effective. The last thing staff want is to be left out of a process for which they will be held accountable.

They key message I offer staff is that they are responsible for their portfolio, projects, and ultimately decisions. The key concern for my is that they own their decisions., I do not micromanage, but it is important if a decision is successful or a failure we can review the process understand what transpired, either to replicate, adjust or terminate. Risk management is key. The one aspect of review that I always insist on is what were the risks and did you assess them before moving forward.

Staff respond very well to this approach. Creates ownership, also they want to succeed so let them. It adds an area of encouragement , creativity and energy to the office and thus our culture. There is nothing like watching a team transform when given the decision making power.

I hope you enjoy Natasha`s small story:

Don’t send me a picture of that!!



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