A board with a great deal of personal meaning

Thrilled to join the Volunteer Board of Easter Seals!!!! From a young age I learned to give back to the community and others in anyway, to be fortunate for all I had, from the example set by my parents.

My father’s challenges with accessibility due to MS and my work with organizations that were on the front line of increasing access and reducing stigma helped influence my decision to enter a province wide competition by Easter Seals NS for new Board Members.

After a long recruitment, assessment ands election process I was honoured to receive confirmation this morning that I was chosen to join Easter Seals’ Board of Directors and support their work across NS.

Years ago while working for CODE I had the privilege of attending  training under Tim Plumtree, one of Canada`s leading experts. While I learned so much from that training and the attachment of Tim to CODE for over a year, the one thing I learned and apply to all my work on non-profit Boards: treat resources like they are the retirement savings of your grandmother. Financial prudence with publicly trusted and limited resources is critical.

Learn more about their work:

Easter Seals Nova Scotia


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