Learning through volunteerism

Many forms of volunteering are available in the community for people of all ages and skill sets. One of the highlights for me while working as a volunteer is meeting people from across the community. Today I was so fortunate to hear many stories of survival and recovery. Their stories will keep me focussed on how I can continue to offer assistance, support and leadership to causes in Nova Scotia.

Another aspect of support I learned through volunteering with the Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope was the role of “supporter’ in patient recovery. These are individuals who walk the journey hand in hand with those with the disease.

A wonderful aspect I experienced today was meeting people with common interests. A gentleman I met is working on a section of a new textbook about Russian history, an area of the world that I too have a strong passion. As a Dalhousie undergrad I was fortunate to study under very esteemed academics of Russian History and gain a greater appreciation of the role played by people of all classes in the development of that country. Yes we did get some work done.

If that all wasn’t enough, I learned how absolutely scary this form of cancer is for women. Cancer sucks.

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