Develop nova scotia gets provincewide mandate

It has been wonderful to return to Halifax at such an exciting time, the strength of the private sector, the launch of the Ocean Super Cluster, the restructuring of government to be more business responsive, and the launch of DevelopNS

As a student and leader in community development for 25 years I know people must come first. I hope all Nova Scotians welcome & embrace @DevelopNS by sharing their experiences & knowledge to strengthen & create inviting sustainable communities they want to live in and share with others. Knowledge is power, use it effectively and be part of future directions that matter.

As noted in the attached article:

“Connected communities promote innovation and drive a strong, diverse economy,” said Mr. MacLellan. “The team at Develop Nova Scotia has the expertise to lead important, inspiring projects, and I expect they will help many communities across Nova Scotia become even more attractive places to live, visit and do business.”

Enjoy the announcement and embrace the future:

Develop Nova Scotia Gets Provincewide Mandate


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