We are all labour

Many around the world must still fight for labour rights, from factories to quarries, fields to mines. I surmise most reading this benefit from the brave and beaten in years gone by to be protected by legislation, policies and contracts. We are fortunate and can do our part to keep our privileges alive and strong by looking at issues and colleagues through multiple lenses that make our workforce stronger, safer and freer.

Unfortunately billions in the world do not have the protection, they may by legislation but not through enforcement.  The denial of these rights, freedoms are a major cause of the underdevelopment of many countries. For without protection of labour, labour is less motivated, less healthy, and less compensated: thus unable to become viable consumers.

Sure this is a simplistic statement on the roll of unions, laws and regulations and their connection to economic development. But hey, it is 2018 and if you are reading this you already can connect the dots.

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