Leadership starts with humility

For development workers like myself who have spent decades working on the front lines around the world Romeo Dellaire is a hero, gentleman, politician, fighter and career soldier tirelessly working on behalf of those without a voice. His work and that of all who he touches needs to be better known. Learn more at http://www.childsoldiers.com

#vtec2018 Some of the worst atrocities a man or woman can experience without being in war are common among many aid or humanitarian workers. In your own way, reach out to learn more and support those dedicated to make the world a better place.

I have had the privilege to hear him speak, follow his career and the successes of his fight. But tonight was the first time I had the chance to share with him my own experiences (beautiful and dark) and how his determination always propelled me. He was so humble, made it seem that my work and my experiences professionally and personally were more important than his own.

My success as a leader, team member, manager of human resources has a great deal to learning lessons from individuals like Romeo. That said, I do believe that being teachable is very very important, and there are many wonderful courses and books to help, but ultimately leadership is a core characteristic shaped by life experiences and circumstance that can not be taught. Like community or corporate culture, leadership has a life that is shaped by and needs to be lead by many.

Lieutenant-General Roméo Antonius Dallaire you are a righteous and irreproachable Canadian. I will cherish our moment and try to follow his lead throughout rest of my career wherever that will be. Leadership starts with humility.

Learn more about his work at:


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