Public update: ocean supercluster presentation

In the release of the traveling presentation the Ocean Super Cluster presented it has been very interesting to have questions answered on the present and future directions of this incredible investment. As many of us on the side lines have  many questions, credit must be given for the effort to keep the public informed in such a transparent fashion.

The slide on membership is very telling. The investment required to be a member clearly shows two things. First, membership does not come cheap. Will this limit smaller players from the rewards of membership. Afterall, as the old adage tells us, membership has its advantages. Second, Why does the Super Cluster’s websight have so many “partners” listed. Was there a cost associated with the real estate?

The provinces smaller economies and communities are suffering under the continued demographic change (crisis). Training and investment to preserve them and a way of life that is so appealing to many needs to be secured if these parts of the province, the coastal communities are to continue to play a role in the larger economy including fisheries, tourism, knowledge, manufacturing… What does the presenters mean by workforce training


Ocean Supercluster Presentation

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