People matter

RIP Anthony Bourdain; Brother. Our loves entwined though we never met, our passions drove us around the world as did fears. I still have my three knives, know why never to cook with expensive oil or vinegar, and above all else, slice garlic. Your first book is like a bible to me on living or giving up. I will cherish Cooking Confidential forever. So sorry the 3 headed dragon won.

I was give the book at a time in my life where I spent so much time traveling in Africa, the Americas and the Caribbean. In all these locations I would be exposed to so much wonderful food, cooking styles and people looking to share their secrets. Cooking became a huge connection between me and the people I would meet.

Food, cooking and entertaining is the same all over the world. People cook out of love, love for food, but more important, love for those they cook; family, friends and yes, strangers from afar.

I found food and talking of family was a great way to get people to open up. Anthony made me understand this, made me reflect on my own family coming together for dinner. Food is so powerful.

In his memory join me in watching a scene by the Godfather that he recommends if you want to gain the most from garlic.

The best way to cut garlic:

Goodfellas Paulie Chopping Garlic

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