Business Timing

Got distracted by life…

This experience was so important in my early learning about partnerships. It was a total disaster but I learnered so much.

In 1991 five friends and I came together to create a shipping company. The company was founded to ship North American monster cars to England: yes we had plans to ship all sorts of other products including mountain bikes.

Each of us brought together our knowledge and skills. Some knew cars, some engines, some had cash and some could clean. We all were individuals with different skill sets and different dreams.

We purchased a beautiful 1971 Mach II Mustang.

Drove it back to the city and started fixing it. By the time we were down it was set for the markets of London, England: They had a thing for American monster cars in the late 80s and early 90s.

What we had not planned on was the Iraq war. It shot gas prices through the roof. All of a sudden nobody was buying gas drinking monster cars.

The car sat for years on a lot in London. It took a member of our team to go to London and sell it.  He was the most committed. And today runs an export company.

What did I learn? I was not a business man. I could clean cars. But most importantly we all had different skills and interests to make our futures. I realized I was interested in international, but not the business side. I wanted to help people; not make money.

I learned to accept others interests and desires. That loss was part of life. That the international market was unpredictable.


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